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We are a team of IT consultants that work with our clients on daily basis to deliver high-quality IT solutions. Our firm is based in Oslo and currently operates only in Norway. We offer expertise in IT project management, test management, service managent as well as software architecture, development and test automation.

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Vi offer a range of IT services to our customers

IT project management

Test management


IT architecture

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Kateryna Bednarska

IT project manager | CEO

“In today's market there is a strong need for highly qualified IT professionals. Therefore, we have a possibility to choose only the best projects for our consultants. Our goal is to ensure that our employees have a development curve suitable for them and our clients. As a small company, we have more flexibility than our competitors. We offer flexible working hours, 1 extra week of vacation as well as 2 weeks dedicated to competency development per year. We would like to work only with the most professional and passionate people of our industry. That is why we are flexible in our offers to the best people, taking into account your ambitions, dreams and personal life situation. Give us a call or e-mail to discuss potential collaboration.”

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Oslo, Norway